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Results that make you Smile with Pride

This effective one-hour laser teeth whitening treatment

removes 2-8 shades, revealing noticeably whiter teeth.
Erase coffee and wine stains and bring back your pearly whites.

You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

16% HP 1h laser treatment lifts 2-4 shades ~$99

25% HP dentist grade 1h laser treatment lifts 5-8 shades. Not recommended for sensitive gums or teeth. Gingival barrier applied $119

Like the results?

Buy up to 3 additional 1h treatments for yourself or your friends at $20 off/treatment.

< Gift Certificates available >


Treat Yourself to a Nurturing Touch

Luxurious, therapeutic Swedish massage with long, gliding, soothing pressure. Deep tissue is applied where needed unless otherwise requested.
Massage is concluded with feather fingertips and hot towels on the face and feet.
Perfect for relaxation and/or pain relief. 19 years of experience and dedication in meeting your relaxation and pain relief needs.

1h ~$77

90m ~$114

2h ~$144

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